Every Two years Coaches and ADs gather in their Regional offices and wait for 9am when the new UIL Redistricting packets are handed out. This morning the Every Two Year event played out and while on the surface it looks like nothing has changed for Johnson Athletics we will be seeing some new rivalries in Bracket Playoff Sports.

First lets answer the question of why? UIL every two years redistricts all of it’s Athletic and Academic districts. This process takes place for several reasons. The UIL wants to keep larger attendance schools to compete with like size schools and smaller schools to compete with schools their size in what are called called classifications. Currently their are 6 UIL classifications; 1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, 5A and 6A. Johnson is and has always been in the largest classification and is currently a 6A school. That did not change with this redistricting.

The UIL also groups schools into districts. Those districts are drawn with travel as it’s main driving force. UIL does not look at schools records in certain sports and groups schools together in regards to records or playoff appearances. One thing UIL does do is try their best to keep ISDs with multiple High Schools that are in the same classification in the same district. But your ISD district can be different than your UIL District.

For Johnson the Jags have always been in 26-5A, and then for the past two years after the UIL created the 6A classification 26-6A. For Johnson’s first two years of Athletic competition 26-5A consisted of the seven NEISD schools, New Braunfels High Schoool and Smithson Valley High School creating a nine team UIL District. After the first two years Johnson has been apart of 25-5A(or6A) but only with the NEISD schools creating a seven team district. Again nothing has changed about 26-6A the UIL kept it a seven team district all from NEISD schools.

UIL creates 32 districts in each of the 6 classifications and then splits those 32 districts in to four regions. Regions become very important when playing in the playoffs. You must advance through your region in all sports to get to the State Tournament level. Some sports play a bracket single elimination Regional playoff schedule (Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Soccer, Baseball and Softball). Other sports advance from district into a regional Meet or tournament (Golf, Wrestling, Swimming, Cross Country). Team Tennis and Track have added an Area meet between District and Regional Meets as well.

As for this redistricting that happened today the big changes for Johnson came at the Regional level for the next two years. While today the realignments are only for football and basketball. Alignments for other sports come at a later date, but usually stay the same across most other sports. Wrestling is the big difference as not all schools (including all NISD schools) participate in wrestling creating different regions. Swimming is split up into 8 Regions so their path to State is a little different as well.

So What did change and why? Well first of all 25-6A is now 27-6A and 25-6A is now filled with teams that were in Region II and are now in Region IV…… that makes since right?

This is important to Johnson and the NEISD schools because in the playoff brackets the four playoff teams from 26-6A will play their first round playoff games all against 25-6A. This is called the Bi-District round of the playoffs or the first round. 1-6A plays 2-6A, 3-6A plays 4-6A, 5-6A plays 6-6A and so on and so on until you get to 25-6A playing 26-6A in the Bi-District round.

For the past few years 25-6A has been populated by Steele, Clemens, Smithson Valley, New Braunfels, New Braunfels Canyon, Judson and Wagner. These teams should sound familiar in regards to first round playoff opponents in all sports over the last four years. All of those teams and add in East Central High School are now 27-6A meaning they will play their bi-district playoff games vs 28-6A which is a 10 team district of all NISD schools like Brandeis, Brennan, Clark and such.

So why did 25-6A become 27-6A? Well you can blame Corpus Christi ISD…. That’s right this is all because of Corpus. CCISD currently has 3 6A schools but because Corpus built a new High School all of their schools are now 5A schools by their enrollment numbers. Losing those three 6A schools forced the UIL to move East Central, South San And Southwest to other districts as curently they are in a district with the Corpus Schools at 6A. East Central we know about. South San and Southwest both will be in a district with Laredo schools, Del Rio and Eagle Pass.

So by Corpus building a school it left a vacuum and a district had to be filled. UIL decided to move 25-6A to 27-6A so they could pull Austin schools out of region II and into Region IV as the new District 25-6A.

Weeeeeee that was fun to explain.

So Who is 25-6A starting in the fall and will be Johnson’s and the rest of 26-6A Bi-District opponents? 25-6A will consist of Lake Travis, Westlake, Vandegrift, Buda Hays, Cedar Park Vista Ridge, Kyle Lehman and Leander.

Again what was announced today was only for Football and basketball but the other sports should fall right in line with this realignment in weeks to come.

Here is how 26-6A attendance numbers shake out for the next two years.
1. Madison – 3379
2. Reagan – 3340
3. Lee – 3085
4. Churchill – 3038.5
5. Johnson – 3003.5
6. Roosevelt – 2940
7. MacArthur – 2489

Here are the enrollment Numbers for the new 25-6A
1. Hays 2698.5
2. Lake Travis 2697
3. Westlake 2583
4. Kyle Lehman 2478.5
5. Vandergrift 2255
6. CP Vista Ridge 2250
7. Leander 2187

These numbers will become important during Football season as they will be used to determine D1 and D2 status in playoff football. Other sports don’t break into D1 and D2.

With redistricting the football schedules start to take shape for next fall. During this process at 9:00am this morning coaches and Athletic Directors made handshake deals on non-district opponents. Some of these deals fall through after the announcing of the districts leaving some schools scrambling to find opponents. For Johnson sitting in a seven team district means we will again have six district games with a bye week during the district schedule and four non-district games.

During the day you may have seen some schools releasing their non-district schedule for fall football. Understand all schedules right now are tentative and no contracts have been signed. Coach Rittimann and NEISD typically don’t release non-district schedules until later in the spring. So you can ask Coach Rittimann if you see him but don’t expect him to give up to much information at least for the time being.

We will allow you to do your own research into the histories of each school of the new 25-6A in each sport. But if you have any questions and don’t know who to ask about this whole process you can always email me at albright527@me.com

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Johnson Jaguars

Every two years the University Interscholastic League (UIL) goes through a process of redistricting and reclassification of the UIL competition districts. Every two years that process comes to a head in February when the UIl releases its new districts for 6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, 2A, 1A and six-man sports and academics. This year the release date will be February 1st.

The speculation and rumors that surround redistricting every two years is enough to practically shut down social media sites and twitter is flooded with predictions the days leading up to the release date. Because this happens every two years you have a lot of athletes and parents going through the process for the first time with a lot of questions about how the process works and how it will effect Johnson Athletics.

A typical High School athletic family may only go through a redistricting period once or twice and the Re-districing process happening February 1st will not effect the senior class of 2016 but does impact all of the classes below as well as 8th and 7th grade.

The UIL will release a new arrangement of schools in all classifications that will be used for the next two years starting with the 2016-2017 school year.

This means that each competitive UIL district could change and some will remain the same.

For the past two years all North East high schools, and only NEISD schools, have formed district 26-6A. As schools gain or lose enrollment they can move within the UIL classification system, meaning some school right now at 6A may drop to 5A and some schools that are right now 5A might move to 6A.

This years’ process started back in October when each school across the state had to take a snapshot enrolment number and turn it into the UIL. From there the UIL starts to divide up the schools into the classifications (6A, 5A, 4A, 3A ect) to try and keep the same size schools competing against each other in sports and academics.

Once the classifications are set the UIL committee starts the process of breaking up the classes into 32 districts in each classification. The districts can be any size and in the past the UIL has created districts as small as 4 schools and as large as 10 schools. Typically districts are between 6-8 schools.

The UIL also does all it can to try and keep ISD school in the same UIL district. Currently NEISD has 7 High Schools and they should all be kept in the same UIL district in this redistricting but it is not guaranteed.

All across the state high school coaches and athletic directors will gather on February 1st at Regional offices. San Antonio’s Regional office is the Region-20 office off of IH-35 near Fort Sam Houston. At 9AM the regional chair will start giving out packets with all of the new districts in all of the classifications. Until that happens no one knows what the districts will look like.

Any speculation, rumors and predictions before the release point of 9AM is just that Speculations and Rumors. The UIL does a great job of not leaking their report before the 9AM release and while you can find all kinds of information and predictions on Twitter and Facebook those are just guesses and no one knows what will happen for sure.

As soon as we are told what district Johnson will be in and who else is in the district on February 1st we will update the jjnation twitter feed and JaguarPride Facebook page. We will not update the feed until we have a firm report from Coach Rittimann at the Region-20 offices.

This will be Johnson’s fifth re-districting. In 2008, six months before Johnson opened and while there was still a lot of dirt being moved on the hilltop, Johnson was placing into district 26-5A with the other NEISD schools as well as Smithson Valley and New Braunfels. For the first two years of Johnson athletic competition the Jaguars were in a 9 team district. In February 2010 Johnson went through its second redistricting and the 26-5A UIL District was reduced to just NEISD Schools and the Jags were in a 7 team district. In 2012 the UIL made no changes to 25-6A. In 2014 Johnson’s district stayed the same but the big change was the formation of 6A as the top classification. Johnson entered into the newly formed 26-6A in the 2014-2015 school year.

Below are some Myths, Rumors and Questions that are frequent during this Redistricting process.

1. Does these mean NEISD will be changed?
NO. The UIl districts and ISD districts are total different. Your ISD district is your taxing district and the only way schools are added or removed from your ISD is to build new schools via a Bond Election or close schools. Some ISD have multiple classifications like CISD to our north has has Canyon Lake High School 4A and New Braunfels Canyon and Smithson Valley at 6A currently. Your UIL district might be that same as your ISD (like 26-6A is now) or it might not.

2. I heard School X will be in our district. Is that True?
At this point that statement is purely speculation. Until the official packets are opened at Region-20 no-one knows who will be placed in what district or what school will move from 5A to 6A or vice versa.

3. Has 26-5A always been just NEISD schools?
NO. In fact Johnson’s first two years of varsity competition the Jags were in a 9 team district consisting of the other 6 NEISD schools plus New Braunfels and Smithson Valley. In the 2010 redistricting process New Braunfels was moved to 25-5A and Smithson Valley dropped from 5A to 4A due to enrollment numbers. Both schools are now in 25-6A.

3.If a school is added to our district does that mean our softball and baseball schedules for this spring 2016 will have to be change?
NO. While the redistricting is announced in February the actually start for the new districts is not until August 2016 at the start of the 2016-17 school year. None of the sports this spring will be effected.

4. I heard a school that did not have 6A enrollment numbers was allowed to participate in 6A sports, how does that happen?
This is TRUE. Some schools will petition the UIL to move up or down a Class (6A, 5A, 4A, 3A, ect.) for various reasons. The main reasons are scheduling and travel. The UIL hears each petition individually and rules accordingly with-in three weeks of the redistricting release date.

5. Are the district set in stone on the Release date of February 1st or will their be changes?
NO. Feb 1 is just the announcement date. There is a three week period where schools and ISD districts can lodge a formal request for a change in class or district. The UIL classifiacations and districts will not be confirmed until this time. and changes may or may not effect Johnson’s district.

6. Does this change any of the schedules at the Junior High Level?
NO. Junior High Schools are not regulated by the UIL and are not set into State wide districts. Those schedules are created by junior high schools and ISDs. NEISD sets it’s Junior High Schedules. Current 8th graders and 7th graders will eventually participate at the high school level in the districts announced on February 1st.

7. When will we find out who we will play in Football in our non-district contest.
Tomorrow the Johnson Coaching staff will make some hand-shake deals with area coaches, but none of those non-district opponents can be set until the UIL districts are confirmed in three weeks. NEISD does not release the non-district schedules for Football till around March 15th.

8. What is the best place to find out all of the new districts?
The JJNation twitter feed will be a good source for finding out about the Jags district for the next two years but for a full list the UIL website will be the best place to see all of the districts and classifications.

9. Does the UIL redistricting only apply to Sports?
NO. UIL redistricting effects fine arts like UIL one act play, debate, band and other school competitions. The UIL redistricting will effect all of the Johnson Athletic schedules and opponents for the next two years.

Go Jags!!


Johnson Jaguars advance to play Clemens in the First Round of the UIL 6A Division II Playoffs on Friday at Heroes Stadium

The Johnson Jaguars finished their 2015 regular season schedule on Thursday Night and enter the playoffs as the 26-6A Division II number #1 seed.

The UIL football playoffs at the 6A level are separated into two divisions. Each district has their top four teams advance to the playoffs. The two teams that have the highest enrollment go to the Division I bracket while the two smallest teams of the four playoff squads are placed in the Division II bracket. The teams in Division I will never meet the teams in Division II so in December two 6A teams will be crowned champion.

The four teams from 26-6A will be Reagan and Churchill in Division I and Johnson and MacArthur in Division II.

Johnson finishes the 2015 regular season with an overall record of 7-3 and a district mark of 5-1. Johnson enters the playoffs on a four game win streak and averaging 43.25 points over the last four including 60 last week vs MacArthur. The Jaguar defense is also holding opponents to just over two touchdowns a contest.

Johnson will see a familiar foe in the first round of the UIL 6A playoffs as Clemens again is the #2 seed from 25-6A. Last year the Jags and Buffs met at Texas State on a rainy and cold afternoon with the Jags pulling off the 21-7 victory.

This year the Jaguar Nation will not have to drive to San Marcos as Johnson will host at Heroes Stadium Friday Night vs Clemens.

The Buffaloes defeated New Braunfels last week to qualify for the playoffs and enter with a 8-2 / 4-2 record. Clemens two losses came at the hands of Steele and Judson in district play.

Clemens is also on a four game win streak and is also averaging 43.25 points per game over those four games. Clemens defense has given up 34.5 over the same span.

Winner of the Johnson vs Clemens match up will face the winner of the Brandeis vs Corpus Christi Carroll game another re-match from the 2014 playoffs.

Go Jags!!!


Johnson players, coaches and fans celebrate after defeating Clark in the fifth set at Alamo Convocation Center

There may not be enough adjectives to describe what happened inside the Alamo Convocation Center on Friday night, but one thing is for sure when the Jaguars had to win a point, they did and did again….

After defeating Smithson Valley in four sets in the first round of the UIL 6A playoffs the Jags advanced to face the Clark Cougars in the Area round at the Alamo Convocation Center. The ACC will be the site of this years Region IV championship so both teams wanted some time on the court in the horseshoe style arena.

The second round match vs Clark got underway with out much excitement with the Jags posting a 25-20 victory in set one. But as the teams switched sides something happened and the wheels seem to fall off for the Jaguars. After spotting Clark an early 2-6 lead the Jags could not get anything going in the second and dropped the set 15-25.

The third was a much more competitive set but again it was Clark using their size advantage in the middle late in the set and pulled away for a 21-25 victory.

The Jags now faced a must win situation down 1-2 to the Cougars and it was Johnson that opened the fourth set with some urgency and took a 5-1 lead. That lead quickly evaporated as Clark worked back into the set and tied things up at the 7-7 mark.

After trading points to 9-9 Clark made a run and looked to be on the verge of eliminating the Jaguars as they pushed to a 16-21 lead. It was at this time many in attendance may have started to have thoughts that the end was near. But for the 6 Jaguars on the court and the dozen more on the bench they never stopped believing in each other.

With just four points to work with the Jaguars started to battle back winning the next three points to get with in two at 19-21.

The set would eventually get to where both teams were sitting at 23. A service error by Johnson gave the Cougars a Match point but that is when Johnson again turned up the intensity another notch and just simply refused to lose the point. With both sides of the stadium in hysterics it would be Johnson that won that one point and would use that momentum to go on to win two more for a 26-24 victory.

The fifth set was like two proud prize fighters standing in the middle of the ring trading blows as the teams scratched and clawed for every point. The Jags would put together a short run to get up 13-9 but this time it was Clark that battled its way back into the set at 13-11. Johnson would then take the next two points watching a Clark offering go long over the back line to close out the match.

The Jaguars advance to the Regional Quarterfinals for the second straight year and will face the New Braunfels Canyon Cougars. Johnson and Canyon will face off with a Regional Tournament birth on the line this Tuesday at 6:30pm at Boerne Champion gym.

The winner of Tuesday’s match will advance to the Region IV Semifinals that will be played Friday November 13th at 8pm at Alamo Convocation Center. The winner of Johnson v Canyon will face the winner of Laredo United v McAllen Rowe.

Directions to the Jaguars third round match vs Canyon at Boerne Champion High School can be found HERE

Go Jags!!


The Varsity Jags celebrate moments after defeating Smithson Valley in round-1 of the UIL 6A State Playoffs.

The Johnson Jaguars Volleyball program defeated Smithson Valley on Tuesday night in a loud and raucous Boerne Champion Gym. Johnson, the 26-6A #1 seed, defeated the Rangers in four sets 25-19, 20-25, 25-19, 25-15.

The Jags advance to the second round of the UIL playoffs and will face Clark at Alamo Convocation Center on Friday November 6th at 5:30pm.

Johnson got ahead early in the first set and then held off Smithson Valley late to get an early 1-0 lead on Tuesday night in Boerne.

The second set saw the Jags get out the gate sluggish and while they did rally to take the lead at 11-8 and have the match all square at 14-14 it was Smithson Valley that caught fire and ended the second ahead of Johnson to tie the match 1-1.

Learning from their second set struggles the Jags settled in and picked up an early lead and then matched SV the rest of the way to take set three 25-19. With the Rangers back against the wall and the Jags up 2-1 the fourth set was all Johnson.

After going up 11-8 and then 18-13 the Jags outscored the Rangers 7-2 to close out the Match 3-1 and advance to the second round of the UIL 6A playoffs. Gabriela Moran finished the match with a thunderous kill, her 11th of the match.

The Jags were led by Kylie Rittimann who recorded an amazing line of 21 kills, 4 assist and 14 digs. Senior setter Meghan Parker finished with 45 assist and three service aces.

Things don’t get any easier as the jags travel down 281 to the SAISD gym next to Alamo Stadium to face the Clark Cougars in round-2. The Jags and Cougars will face off for the first time in the playoffs in the opening match of a Friday night double-header.

Johnson is now riding a 9 match win streak and has 36-11, 10-2 record while Clark, who finished second in 27-6A, holds a similar 36-10, 15-3 mark. Clark advanced out of the first round after putting away South San 3-0 on Monday.

Clark is riding a 6 match win streak coming into the second round match at the Convo. The winner of the Johnson v Clark match will advance to next weeks Regional Quarterfinal and will face the winner of the NB Canyon v Brandeis Match.

Directions to Alamo Convocation Center cam be found HERE

With no varsity Football Friday Night everyone needs to make plans to be at the Alamo Covo and cheer on the Jags at 5:30pm…..

….and as always WEAR BLUE

Go Jags!!

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